Executive Search

Executive Search

Burke & Associates consistently delivers the best available talent • specializing in finance, manufacturing, information technology, engineering, life sciences, marketing/public relations and supply chain. We measure success based on the performance of the people we bring to our clients. Does the person meet the desired goals of the hiring team? Have they added incremental value to the organization? Have they become accomplished business leaders in their respective arenas? A testament to our value is the ability to answer these questions with a resounding, “yes.”

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Retainer Based Search

For executive level and confidential searches, Burke & Associates provides a full cycle recruiting process designed to identify, recruit and present our clients with a slate of candidates that meet both the functional expertise and leadership qualities they desire.

Contained Search

For individual search assignments, this is our clients’ most preferred agreement. Clients will engage Burke & Associates resources for a specific requirement. The process begins with a detailed description of the functional responsibilities being developed in a collaborative fashion by the client and Burke & Associates.

Project Based

Burke & Associates will provide dedicated resources to a client for specific searches or a repetitive talent requirement. Using our research based search capabilities and other client related resources, Burke & Associates will manage the search process from inception through close by assigning a project manager (on-site if preferred) that will be dedicated to the project.

Contingency Based

For existing clients, Burke & Associates will actively recruit for early career through management level professionals who are hired to become the business leaders of the future.

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